The Algonquian are among the most popular and widespread North American native language groups. They historically were prominent along the Atlantic Coast and in the interior regions along the Saint Lawrence River and around the Great Lakes. This grouping consists of the people who speak Algonquian languages.

Before Europeans came into contact, most Algonquian settlements lived by hunting and fishing, although many supplemented their diet by cultivating corn, beans and squash (the "Three Sisters"). The Ojibwe cultivated wild rice.

At the time of the first European settlements in North America, Algonquian peoples resided in present-day Canada east of the Rocky Mountains, New England, New Jersey, southeastern New York, Delaware, and down the Atlantic Coast to the Upper South, and around the Great Lakes in present-day Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The precise homeland of the Algonquian people has yet to be discovered. At the time of the European arrival, the hegemonic Iroquois Confederacy, based in present-day New York and Pennsylvania, was regularly at war with Algonquian neighbours. 

The Algonquian peoples include and have included historical populations in:

List of historic Algonquian-speaking peoples

Algonquin people Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, Kitigan Zibi near Maniwaki Quebec

From Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Cultural Center, Maniwaki to Home Town of Eric Michel Kent St., Hull, QC. 1 hr 31 min (129 km) via Rte 105 S

From Maniwaki, Quebec to Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham Eric Michel's mom Home Town, Quebec.1 hr 21 min (109 km) via Rte 105 S


Distribution or Cast:

Marina Orsini : Aerenshehaweh

Monique Mercure : Jeanne Mance

Denis Bernard : Nicholas Lacharité

Louise Laparé : Marguerite Bourgeoys

René-Daniel Dubois : D'Ailleboust

Jean Marchand : M. Souart

Pierre Curzi : Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve

Nathalie Gadouas : Sœur Maillet

Sophie Faucher : Sœur Lauvin

Normand D'Amour : Jean Larivée

René Richard Cyr : Sulpicien Perot

Patrick Goyette : Gaientonhon

Maurice Barrier : Frontenac

Paul Guers : Marquis de Tracy

Annie Galipeau : Aerenshehaweh, 12 ans

Marina Foïs : Elizabeth Durant

Olivia Brunaux : Marguerite Bizier

Aurélien Recoing : Louis XIV

Armelle Deguy : Barbe de Beaujeu

Luc Picard : Adrien Guillou

Mike Phillips : Sonakares

Marie-Renée Patry : la matrone

Ben Cardinal : Onsegongo  Victor Whitetail on the CBC series Heartland.

Billy Two Rivers : Guerrier

Benoît Brière : Martin Fournier

Nathalie Mallette : Jeanne Verger

Cédric Noël : chef des Prévost

Céline Bonnier : Renée Vauquet

Emmanuel Charest : François Gadois