Tribute To Eric Michel

In 1903, a group of Jesuits and lay people in Quebec adopted the Carillon-Sacré-Coeur as the national flag of French Canadians.

Le Carillon moderne, parfois nommé « drapeau de Filiatrault » ou plus simplement « drapeau de Carillon », est l'ancêtre du drapeau du Québec. Il s'en distingue par ses fleurs de lys pointant vers le centre plutôt que positionnées à la verticale. Conçu en 1902 par Elphège Filiatrault, il est très populaire durant la première moitié du xxe siècle. 

The modern Carillon, sometimes called the "Flag of Filiatrault" or more simply the "flag of Carillon", is the ancestor of the flag of Quebec. It is distinguished by its fleur-de-lys pointing towards the center rather than positioned vertically. Designed in 1902 by Elphège Filiatrault, it was very popular during the first half of the 20th century.

Prime-Étienne-Elphège Filiatrault

Born: 27 novembre 1850 Iberville Qc

Ordination: 15 août 1877 

Death  : 27 mai 1932 (à 81 ans) Bordeaux (Montreal) Qc.

Le Carillon moderne est directement inspiré de la bannière de Carillon, un étendard hérité de la Guerre de Sept Ans et possiblement utilisé lors de la bataille de Fort Carillon qui opposait Français et Britanniques.

The modern Carillon is directly inspired by the Carillon banner, a standard inherited from the Seven Years' War and possibly used during the battle of Fort Carillon between the French and the British.

En 1955, le drapeau original conçu par l'abbé Filiatrault est retrouvé dans le grenier du presbytère de Saint-Jude. Le sacristain Alphonse Labossière en fait cadeau à Raymond Girouard, un résident de la localité passionné d'histoire. Depuis 1996, il est conservé au Centre d'histoire de Saint-Hyacinthe.

Le 21 janvier 2017, jour du drapeau, le ministre de la Culture et des Communications émet un avis d’intention afin de classer le drapeau comme « objet patrimonial » en vertu de la Loi sur le patrimoine culturel. Il est officiellement classé un an plus tard.

Lorsqu'il est accompagné du Sacré-Cœur on le désigne plutôt Carillon Sacré-Cœur.

In 1955, the original flag designed by Father Filiatrault was found in the attic of the presbytery of Saint-Jude. Sacristan Alphonse Labossière presented it to Raymond Girouard, a resident with a passion for history. Since 1996, it has been kept at the Center d'histoire de Saint-Hyacinthe.

On January 21, 2017, Flag Day, the Minister of Culture and Communications issued a notice of intent to classify the flag as a “heritage object” under the Cultural Heritage Act. It is officially classified a year later.

When it is accompanied by the Sacred Heart, it is instead called Carillon Sacré-Cœur.


Image svg représentant le drapeau qui fut hissé pour la première fois au sommet de la tour du Parlement le 21 janvier 1948. Il s'agissait d'une version non officielle du drapeau du Québec. En 1998, pour le 50è anniversaire de l'adoption officielle du drapeau du Québec, ce premier fleurdelisé à été donné au peuple du Québec par la famille de René Bélanger. Il est désormais conservé au Musée de la Civilisation. Voir aussi,, alindstromincanada,,

SVG image representing the flag first hoisted on top of the Parliament Tower on January 21, 1948. It was an unofficial version of the flag of Quebec. In 1998, for the 50th anniversary of the official adoption of the Quebec flag, this first fleur-de-lis was given to the people of Quebec by the family of René Bélanger. It is now kept at the Museum of Civilization. See also,, alindstromincanada,,

21 January 2012 (64è anniversaire)

Drapeau du Québec.

 Flag of Quebec.

Le drapeau du Québec est « d’azur à la croix d’argent cantonnée de quatre fleurs de lys du même » et désigné sous le nom de « Fleurdelisé ». Le Jour du drapeau est le 21 janvier, date à laquelle en 1948 lui fut accordé le statut de « drapeau officiel du Québec » par le gouvernement Remarque : le drapeau français au xviiie siècle arborait la fleur de lys avant d'être modifié.

The first members of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society created the Carillon Sacré-Coeur flag, which consisted of a white cross on an azure background with a white fleur-de-lis in each corner and a Sacred Heart surrounded by maple leaves in the centre; it was based on the French merchant flag flown by Champlain and the Flag of Carillon. The Carillon Sacré-Coeur and the French merchant flag became significant inspirations for creating Quebec's current flag in 1903, called the Fleurdelisé. The Fleurdelisé replaced the Union Jack on Quebec's Parliament Building on January 21, 1948.

From Confederation until the First World War, the omnipresence of the Roman Catholic Church was at its peak. The objective of clerico-nationalists was to promote the values of traditional society: family, the French language, the Catholic Church and rural life. Also during this period, events such as the North-West Rebellion, the Manitoba Schools Question and Ontario's Regulation turned the promotion and defence of the rights of French Canadians into a critical concern. Under the aegis of the Catholic Church and the political action of Henri Bourassa, various symbols of national pride were developed, like the Flag of Carillon and "O Canada,"  a patriotic song composed for Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. Many organizations went on to consecrate the affirmation of the French-Canadian people, including the caisses populaires Desjardins in 1900, the Catholic Association of French-Canadian Youth, in 1904, the Club de hockey Canadien in 1909, Le Devoir in 1910, the Congrès de la langue française in 1912, L'Action catholique, in 1915, and L'Action nationale in 1917. In 1885, liberal and conservative MPs formed the Parti National out of anger with the previous government for not having interceded in the execution of Louis Riel.

Christian Flag and the Carillon Sacred Heart Flag

Why did we have the Carillon Flag's story in the tribute to Archbishop Eric Michel?

Just because it is Eric Michel's favourite religious flag, even over the Christian Flag, it is posted here as a tribute of honour. The Carilon flag (Made in Quebec) is nowhere else on our sites except this page.

Archbishop Eric M. Gagnon's illustrious career in religious leadership unfolds like a tapestry of spiritual dedication and transformative service that spans over four decades. His journey commenced in 1977 with the Gnostic Johannite Tradition Church, where he ventured into the realms of mysticism teachings. With a profound sense of reverence and commitment, he was ordained as a deacon in May 1985, marking the initiation of his formal role within the ecclesiastical hierarchy. The inception of his priestly endeavours took root in December 1988 when Bishop T.T. (Wally) Williamson bestowed upon him the sacred mantle of the priesthood, christening him with the honorific title of Michel of Notre Dame. The epochal year of 2010 witnessed a transformative milestone in Eric's spiritual evolution as he was anointed as a Bishop by Bishop T.T. (Wally) Williamson, a symbolic gesture that signified his lifelong allegiance to the divine principles embodied by Christ, encapsulated in his chosen motto "Semper Christo Fidelis" - an eternal pledge of faithfulness to the teachings of the Lord.


The kaleidoscope of Eric's spiritual journey unfolded with myriad hues and shades of theological exploration and ministerial prowess. A pivotal juncture emerged during the auspicious General Assembly elections in January 2011, wherein he was democratically elected as Archbishop (Bishop President), a position of venerable authority and sacred duty that he dutifully assumed and was ceremoniously vested with on the hallowed day of May 6, 2011. His pastoral responsibilities expanded further in 2012, as he was honoured with the esteemed Co-Ordainment as a Unitarian Minister at the Open Door - Open Faith Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Thus, the seeds of Eric Michel Ministry and Chaplaincy were sown, heralding a new chapter of religious outreach and pastoral care that would resonate across denominational boundaries and geographical divides.


The veritable tapestry of Eric's ministerial engagements was interwoven with threads of profound spiritual communion and universal fraternity, epitomizing his steadfast dedication to the spiritual upliftment and enlightenment of all beings entrusted under his benevolent care. The advent of July 2014 witnessed the formal establishment of Eric Michel Ministries International, a momentous occasion that underscored his spiritual enterprise's global reach and holistic mission. The universal love and inclusivity ethos permeated every aspect of his ministry, transcending doctrinal confines and embracing the eternal essence of Divine grace that transcends all mortal constraints.


The continual odyssey of Eric's spiritual odyssey was marked by a series of transformative encounters and evolving faith traditions that enriched his spiritual repertoire and broadened his theological horizons. The momentous year of 2020 heralded a profound transition in Eric's spiritual allegiance as he embraced Catholicism, embarking on a sacred pilgrimage unto the Third Order of Saint Francis with the revered Order of Lesser Sisters and Brothers. This divine communion with the Franciscan legacy symbolized a deep-seated resonance with the ascetic ideals and profound spiritual ethos espoused by Saint Francis of Assisi, engendering a spiritual kinship that transcended temporal boundaries and ecclesiastical divides.


The vicissitudes of spiritual life often unfurl unforeseen paths and divergent trajectories that challenge one's steadfast devotion and unwavering resolve. In a poignant turn of events, the difficulties of fate necessitated Eric to curtail his association with the Third Order of Saint Francis due to the unforeseen hospitalization of Rev. Marie, rendering his spiritual journey into uncharted waters fraught with uncertainty and soul-searching contemplation. Amidst the tumultuous seas of existential turmoil and spiritual tribulation, Eric's faith remained resolute, guided by the divine providence that illuminated his path with the faint glimmer of hope and relentless determination to endure the trials and tribulations that beset his sacred calling.


The labyrinthine maze of spiritual exploration and ecclesiastical engagements led Eric into the hallowed folds of the Franciscan tradition, where he discovered a sanctuary of solace and spiritual rejuvenation amidst the tumultuous tides of life's enigmatic journey. The sanctified realms of the Sanctification of the Families Union of Saint Francis of Assisi beckoned him into a realm of profound communal service and universal brotherhood, aligning his spiritual essence with the noble mission of the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical, Inc. This advantageous alliance with the Franciscan legacy imbued his journey with a newfound sense of purpose and spiritual fulfillment, catalyzing a transformative evolution of his ministerial vocation that transcended ecclesiastical boundaries and theological dogmas, embracing the universal essence of Divine love and compassionate service for all sentient beings.


The zenith of his Franciscan sojourn reached its apotheosis on April 6, 2022, when Eric Michel Ministries International was officially enshrined as a Chart member of the esteemed Order of Franciscans of the Eucharist. This prestigious accolade underscored the profound resonance of his ministry with the sacred heritage of the Eucharistic tradition. This prestigious affiliation signified a sacred covenant of spiritual collaboration and ecclesiastical solidarity, uniting his ministerial vision with the timeless legacy of the Eucharistic sacrament that embodied the essence of Christ's eternal sacrifice and redemptive grace.


The labyrinthine tapestry of Eric's spiritual journey was further enriched by his esteemed tenure as a revered member of the Franciscan Federation from 2022 to 2023, wherein he contributed his erudite insights and spiritual wisdom towards the collective edification and communal nurturing of the Franciscan ethos. This symbiotic engagement within the noble fraternity of the Franciscan Federation exemplified his unwavering commitment to the tenets of Franciscan spirituality and iconic tradition, fostering a harmonious convergence of diverse theological perspectives and collective fraternity that transcended the boundaries of denominational constraints and theological schisms.


The sacred covenant of his soul with the Divine manifested in a transcendent consecration as Knights of the Immaculate (MI) in 2023. This prestigious accolade denoted his profound devotion and unwavering allegiance to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the divine aegis of the Herald of the Gospels. This venerable title, conferred upon him with solemn reverence and sacred reverence, epitomized his profound Marian devotion and spiritual consecration, underscoring his resolute commitment to the immaculate essence of the Divine Mother and the celestial sovereignty that graced his sacred ministry with ineffable grace and divine benediction.


In the realms of spiritual exploration and metaphysical inquiry, Eric delved deeper into the mysteries of angelology and demonology, attaining the coveted certification in these profound disciplines from 2023 and 2024. This erudite exploration of celestial hierarchies and infernal realms broadened his theological horizons. It illuminated the mystical depths of spiritual cosmology, empowering him with profound insights into the celestial realms and diabolical dominions that shape the ethereal fabric of the spiritual tapestry.


The labyrinthine odyssey of Eric's spiritual evolution was enshrined within the annals of sacred history as a testament to unwavering faith, profound spiritual devotion, and transformative service that transcended the boundaries of mortal constraints and temporal limitations. His journey through the hallowed corridors of ecclesiastical tradition and spiritual enlightenment resonated with a symphony of celestial harmonies and divine grace, illuminating the path of spiritual seekers and wanderers with the sacred light of transcendent wisdom and compassionate service. The legacy of Archbishop Eric M. Gagnon reverberates across the ethereal realms of divine providence and celestial communion, embodying the timeless essence of faith, love, and universal fraternity that transcend the temporary boundaries of mortal existence and christen the soul with the eternal grace of Divine benediction.

Fr. Legris was the Chaplain and Eric Michel Role Model

Ecclesiastic Name: Michel of Notre Dame

Nom choisi lors de l'ordination sacerdotale: Michel de Notre-Dame

17e Année - No 22 Journal Bimensuel de la Paroisse Notre-Dame-de-Grâce de Hull Vendredi, le 23 novembre 1951

17th Year - No. 22 Bimonthly Journal of the Parish of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in Hull Friday, November 23, 1951



GAGNON: November 11, baptized Joseph Eric Michel, born November 2, child of Maurice Gagnon and Irène Gosselin. Godfather Désiré Gagnon and Godmother Julia Wilson. Carrier Lucienne Gosselin.

At Our-Lady-Of-Grace, Hull, Quebec. Canada

Notre-Dame-de-Grace Parish

Première Communion

First Communion

Eric Michel First Communion 1958

Ecole Normale Saint-Joseph

With Sister Blanche Marie Teacher

[Les Soeurs de la Charité d'Ottawa (Soeurs Grises de la Croix)]

[The Sisters of Charity of Ottawa (Grey Nuns of the Cross)]

Akela Henri Lemay

Henri Lemay chef Louveteau  de la 14ième Notre-Dame-De-Grâce meute B, la meute d'Eric Michel: 1960.

Henri Lemay Cub leader of the 14th Notre-Dame-De-Grâce pack B, Eric Michel's pack: 1960.

1971 Scouts Religious Images

14e Scout Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

Diocèse d'Ottawa

Eric Michel Assistant Jeanette 1stRond Notre-Dame -de-l'Ile  

(Brownies branch) in the middle of the 80s

Motorcyclists Blessing May of each year

Eric Michel 1981

The President Bishop: Archbishop  Eric Gagnon

Born:  November 1951 in Hull

Gnostic Priestly Ordination: December 7, 1988

Episcopal Ordination:  November 30, 2010

Motto: Semper Christo Fidelis  ‘Always Faithful to Christ''

The Most Reverend Eric Gagnon, Phyl.D., D.Div., Th.D., Archbishop Primus of the Eric Michel Ministries International, which includes the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry, an international association of churches and para-churches; Director of Footsteps of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy, Commander of EMMI Chaplaincy; Co-Founder of New Hope Ministry & Missions, founder of Canadian Harverstime  Bible Academy, the  Franciscan Abbey of Immanuel Communion of Love Third Order of Franciscans (FAICL) and Our Lady of High Grace (EMMI) (OLHG).

Most Rev. Eric Michel, Master Chaplain.

French-born in Gatineau (Hull), Quebec, in 1951, He is a father and grandfather, a Bivocational Pastor and Founder and Commander of the Eric Michel Ministries International -1987, and the Chaplaincy founded in 2010.

Since 1966, Rev Eric Michel has been searching for knowledge in various subjects: discoveries, science, astronomy, medicine, geology etc. But his main passion is history, religions and spirituality, searching for the truth in the paranormal, holy scriptures and historical and scientific facts..


He was appointed chaplain on July 30th, 2011, because he has credentials spiritually as a clergyman, adding to his life experiences and studies. He is a professional outreach worker who has worked for seven years as a Travailleur de Rue  (Street Outreach Worker) at the Centre d'Intervention et Prevention en Toxicomanie de l” Outaouais.

Gatineau Manse 2014

The Archbishop's Family at the John XXIII Parish 2015/09/15


With Rt. Reverend Marie at St Joseph Oratory Montreal

Animals Ministry Pet Chaplain

Bivocational Minister working as a Computer Technician

Academic Background:


Training Computer Related

Social Intervention

First Aids Training

 By the Red Cross, St John Ambulance, Le Régiment de Hull (RCAC), the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires

Qualifications Saint John Ambulance

Clergy Member 1978 to 2022 


1970 - 1973

Eric was a member of the Régiment de Hull (RCAC) is a Primary Reserve armoured reconnaissance regiment of the Canadian Army. The regiment is based in the Hull sector of Gatineau, Quebec, near Ottawa, Ontario. Active in all aspects of the day-to-day life of Outaouais residents, the unit is the only francophone military presence in the area.

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