Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage ExperiencesTM worldwide


Visit Lourde in Person or on a Virtual Tour

The first Lourdes Hospitality of the Americas and the first Hospitality outside Europe. We bring the seriously ill and disabled to Lourdes, France and serve the Sanctuary as volunteers. We evangelize through the Gospel Message of Lourdes, sharing the grace of pilgrimage through virtual pilgrimage experiences with those who are unlikely or unable to physically journey to Europe.  

Revd. Eric Michel is a volunteer among laity, clergy and religious, who lovingly serves the Immaculate Conception and her pilgrims both in the Sanctuary in France and back at home through living and sharing the Gospel Message of Lourdes. We are members of a Catholic Association united in prayer, evangelization and service within a charism of family centred on love, reaching the sick and suffering, the poor and unloved.

Charity in Syracuse, New York 

107 Michaels Ave, Syracuse, NY 13208, United States 

Please contact us for any information at ericmichelministries@gmail.com