President / Chief Convener

Lyle Arnold

New Hope Ministries & Missions


Director / Member Services Convener

Joyce A. Baker

New Hope Ministries & Missions


Director /  Denominational Affairs Convener, Superintendent

Rt. Rev. Julius Myambuoro

Christ Commission Fellowship Church


Director / Superintendent

Rt. Rev. Xaviour Sebastian Chikwatu

African United Methodist


Rev. Nkunzimana Fabien 


Rt. Rev. Marie Arnold

Founder and Leader of New Hope Ministry

& Missions

President of the House of Bishops and

Board Councilor


Archbishop E. Gagnon

Founder and Overseeing of IAoC

Chaplaincy Commander

Eric Michel Ministries International


Basil Arnold

Staff Member

New Hope Ministries & Missions


The Archbishop

The Most Reverend Eric M Gagnon, Phyl.D., D.Div., Th.D., Archbishop Primus of the Eric Michel Ministries International, which includes the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry, an international association of churches and para-churches; Director of Footsteps of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy, Commander of EMMI Chaplaincy; Co-Founder of New Hope Ministry & Missions, founder of Harverstime Bible Academy.

Prior of 

The Archbishop is a bishop who is not in charge of a diocese, but he is an "overseer" of a community of the faithful; the Archbishop is an ordained bishop who is elected for life at the head of EMMI. He is the chief ecumenical officer of the total EMMI organization and the leader and caretaker for the synod's bishops. He is charged with initiating policy, developing strategy and overseeing the administration of the entire EMMI. The Archbishop also serves as a figurehead and speaks on behalf of the entire organization.

Brownsburg, Quebec Canada